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Feel it home!

Have you ever wondered how it would feel when you’re away from home but yet at home? Office but still a contended feel. Restaurant but as snug as a bug. Or anywhere you spend most of your daylight hours, would make you feel relaxed, delightful and comfortable. Breathe easy, sit back, loosen up, unwind, we are here to make you feel it home. We the mellowers have a vision of getting the nation the best designs which doesn’t have any compromises. We are here to tell stories each time through our works using different architectural characteristics uniting with the human emotions. From the child to the grizzled founding father we have design for every individual. We do it with compassion, tenderness, empathy, enthusiasm and determination.


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
Inspiring building capture the human spirit through an understanding of form, materials and aesthetics
The visual delight and tactility of the everyday elevates our emotional response
We flourish in spaces that harness the elements of light, air and space.


You'll love our work. Check it out!

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Meet the people that are going to mello out your home.
Ranjith P Raj
Ranjith P Raj

Mellow Maker

Creative, detail-oriented, always focused.

Susmita Mondal
Susmita Mondal

Cheif Mellower

Curious, Archi-geeck and gets serious when it comes to work.

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